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Large Boulder Waterfall    Design #2
A natural rock waterfall over fifteen feet in heigth, designed with granite boulders from the Sierras
Sample drawing    Design #4
This is a sample of the custom computer drawings that we can create.
Stylish Glass    Design #7
An attached spa raised 18" which features a glass tile exterior.
Classic Simplicity    Design #8
A classic geometric pool with a raised bond beam featuring three shear descents.
Exercise in Style    Design #9
An elegant twist to a lap pool is the addition of a vanishing edge on one side.
Fun Hideaway    Design #10
A large grotto made with natural rock.
Private Retreat    Design #11
A large seating area inside the pool makes this the perfect place to socialize with friends and family.
Peaceful Retreat    Design #12
This swimming pool features a raised spa and moss rock waterfall. The tan interior finish gives the water its beautiful color.
Basking in the Sun    Design #13
An enlarged top entry step is a feature that can be used as a tanning ledge or play area for small children.
Refreshment Please    Design #14
Bar stools are a great way for swimmers to socialize with people outside the pool and add a sense of indoor comfort to your pool.
Social Corner    Design #15
A custom fire pit offers the perfect gathering place. Friends can lounge on the nearby bench or catch a tan on the thermal ledge in the pool.
Tiled firepit    Design #16
A raised firepit featuring a tiled exterior, poured concrete coping and lava rock.
A Gathering Place    Design #17
This swim up seating area provides shade for people not in the water while allowing everyone to sit and visit.
Suburban Oasis    Design #18
A free form swimming pool accented with a natural stone waterfall and waterline. The tanning ledge and attached spa add to the enjoyment of this outdoor living space.
Shear Beauty    Design #19
A sheer decent water feature has been installed under the flag stone spillway on this raised spa.
Stylish Geometry    Design #20
A classic square spa raised 18" above the pool.
Musical Falls    Design #21
A custom, hand built moss rock waterfall provides a treat for both the eyes & ears.
Catch Basin    Design #23
One of the infinite possible designs for a vanishing edge water trough.
Boulder Bubbler    Design #24
A solid rock transformed into the center piece of a unique fountain.
Koi Paradise    Design #25
A natural waterfall feeds a tranquil koi pond.
Fire Pit    Design #26
A fire pit set into the deck helps add a spark of romance to your private retreat.
Rugged Falls    Design #27
A wide natural stone waterfall adds to the ambiance of this setting.
Rock Waterline    Design #28
A rock water line accentuates the natural feel created by the vanishing edge.
Tile Accents    Design #29
Detailed tile patterns can create a focal point and add interest to various areas of a poolscape.
Water Hole    Design #31
This spa has the soothing sound from a waterfall spilling into it.
From the Ground Up    Design #33
This is the pool featured in our construction process video. It features a raised bond beam with ledge stone fascia and a shear descent. The raised spa is wrapped in ledge stone fascia rather than tile.
Free Form    Design #34
This natural pool features a large granite boulder water line.
A natural Retreat    Design #35
The graceful lines and rockwork integrated in this design help blend this pool and spa into the hillside behind.
Graceful Curves    Design #36
An abundance of curves add to the visual appeal of this backyard.
Al Fresco Elegance    Design #37
This classically shaped pool complements an outdoor living space that has something for everyone. Four wall sconces create a soothing background while enjoying the outdoor kitchen and dining area.
Neoclassical Inspiration    Design #38
Grecian style pool featuring an intricate tile pattern on both the raised spa and bond beam. Seven 12" wall sconces and flagstone deck complete the feel.
Simple Curves    Design #39
Two shear descents and a bubbler fountain add to the beuaty of this pool. White plaster creates a cool, blue water color that invites you to jump in.
Tuscan Delight    Design #40
The outdoor living space and the swimming pool with spa work together to create a tuscan feel. The pool has several terracotta scuppers and natural stone fascia to enhance the feeling.
Uncomplicated Elegance    Design #41
The straight lines and subtle radius flow out of the home's architecture to extend the outdoor living space.
Natural Beauty    Design #43
This raised free form spa blends into its surroundings with flagstone fascia.
Family Paradise    Design #44
The enlarged first step can be used as both a thermal tanning ledge or a play area for young children.
Rocky Serenity    Design #45
A large boulder is nestled into the corner of a vanishing edge at the waterline to add to help tie in natural surroundings.
Fun Times    Design #46
The raised spa creates a fun environment with water sheeting over the granite exterior to create a water curtain in front of a grotto. A custom gunite slide adds to the fun.
Reflections    Design #47
A vanishing edge adds a classy area of interest to this simple free form shape.
Infinite Horizons    Design #48
This pool is surrounded by a salt finish deck with a broom finished band surrounding the pool. Two columns with wall scounces help to frame the view and define the vanishing edge.
Understated Beauty    Design #49
A flag stone deck compliments the water color and offers a sense of rural luxury.
Lap of Luxury    Design #50
An indoor pool offers a year-round escape into refreshing waters.
Angular Perfection    Design #51
Symmetry, angles and clean lines all combine to create a formal look.
Family Mecca    Design #52
This outdoor space offers many ways to spend time in the sunshine. Sore muscles are revitalized in the spa. A shallow 'pond' is a children's paradise. Stories can be shared at the swim-up bar while sunbathers lounge on the thermal ledge.
Brilliant Night    Design #53
Spectacular lighting at night sets this pool apart.
Stream Spillway    Design #54
The spillway of a raised spa has been transformed into a waterfall & streambed of natural moss rock that flows into the swimming pool.
Hidden Cover    Design #55
Under-deck tracks and a subtle cover vault help make the automatic pool cover disappear when not in use.
Slip N Slide    Design #56
Hours of fun can be enjoyed with this Turbo Twister slide.
Something for Everyone    Design #57
In addition to a raised spa and two waterfalls, this pool offers a large Caribbean ledge for children to play on. There are bar stools at a swim-up bar that surrounds the lower seating area with views of the vanishing edge.
Pull Up a Seat    Design #58
A large bench, Caribbean ledge and swim-up bar offer plenty of places to gather while in swimming. A lower seating area with benches provides the perfect place to visit with everyone while keeping dry.
Granite Smoothness    Design #59
A polished granite spillway is a subtly elegant feature that compliments the surrounding tile fascia.
Dancing Water    Design #60
Laminar jets can add a fun feature to your pool.
All Curves    Design #61
There are no straight lines to be found on this graceful free form pool.
Understated    Design #62
This sun deck features an all tile 360 degree vanishing edge with natural stone steps leading up to it.
Fire & Water    Design #63
This natural stone water feature has water bubble up from the stones surrounding flames before spilling over the perimeter. This feature is fully automated and integrated into the control system.
A Paradise at Home    Design #64
Perimeter over-flow spa and sun deck complement this vanishing edge design.
A Twisted View    Design #65
Mirrored by the lines of the catch basin, the radius of the vanishing edge wall is accentuated.
Fire Water & Air    Design #66
Water spills over the acrylic panel while air bubbles up from the floor to create this unusual feature reminiscent of an aquarium.
Shear Delight    Design #67
Three shear descent water features flatter the clean lines of this design.
Fire Bowl    Design #68
Fully automated "Biltmore" style fire pit with black lava rock.
Sheer Radius    Design #69
Super radius sheer descent follows the curve of the raised bond beam.
Fire On Demand    Design #70
Automated fire bowl creates a fun place to gather on cool summer nights.
A Polished Update    Design #71
This pool was remodeled to meet current safety codes. The interior was completely replaced, new concrete decking & handrail refreshed the old pool. A CMU block retaining wall was added along one side.
Pool Inside a Pool    Design #72
A new pool and spa was built inside the shell of the old pool. The unused portion of the old shell was filled in to create more landscaped space.
-    Design #73
This commercial spa recieved a new interior finish and new tile in addtion to being updated to meet current safety requirements.
-    Design #74
This commercial pool was updated for current safety requirements and received a fresh interior finish.
Bridge Between Worlds    Design #75
A custom concrete bridge links the spa and fire pit area together. A lighted sheer descent creates a smooth sheet of water between them.
Simply Stunning    Design #76
A bridge spans the pool between the spa and fire pit. A sheer descent in the bridge creates a smooth curtain of water between the two.
Natural Stream    Design #79
An artful mix of Sierra Boulders, cobble stones and flag stone transform this gunite water feature into streambed that could have been made by Mother Nature.
Grotto Waterfall    Design #80
Water bubbles from a large granite boulder and spills over a flagstone ledge to create a small grotto.
Freeform Cover Pool    Design #81
An extended cantilever adds a free-form feel to a retangular cover pool. Water flows from large boulders down a streambed and over a flagstone ledge to enhance the natural feel of the design.
Sweeping Edge    Design #82
The curving vanishing edge of the pool adds to the individuality of this project.
Copper Bowls    Design #83
Two automated copper fire bowls sitting on columns help create a focal point.
Two worlds meet    Design #84
A raised spa with a 360 degree vanishing edge spills into both the pool and an 18" deep play area.
A vanishing feat    Design #85
A shallow uppper pool and raised spa both feature a vanishing edge that spill into the main pool. Raised pedestals with an automated fire bowl frame each end of the upper level water feature.
A camouflaged adventure    Design #86
Creative rockwork using natural Sierra Boulders and lush vegetation work together to help this Turbo Twister slide blend into its surroundings.
Let lions roar    Design #87
A simple raised seating area became a focal point with the addition of two lion head wall sconces and a radius shear descent. These water features are visually interesting and add pleasant ambient sound.
Twice the vantage point    Design #88
The raised spa creates a sense of endless water movement as it flows over the full length spillway before disappearing over the parallel vanishing edge of the swimming pool.

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